Virtual Cat Show Northwest

How do I enter my cat in the show?

It's easy! You just fill out a few forms, upload your photos, and send us your payment!

For information on how to enter, please see our How To Enter page.

What are the "Standard" Classes?

In this show, our Standard Classes are similar to competition classes in a physical TICA show. Standard Class entries are judged against the written TICA standard for that breed (as best the judges can tell based on the photos). The top 10 in each class will be announced.

  • To compete in the Kitten, Cat, and Alter classes, your cat must be a registered breed accepted by TICA, and should be registered with a TICA-recognized cat association.
  • To compete in the Preliminary New Breeds/Advanced New Breeds/New Traits classes, your cat must qualify for those classes under TICA rules. (Only specific breeds and breed variants can compete in those classes.)
  • If your cat does not have a pedigree/registration, you can enter it in the Household Pet classes (Household Pet Adult or Household Pet Kitten class, depending on the cat's age in the photo).
  • The cat's age in the photo is what matters -- not how old your cat actually is at the moment.
    • For KITTEN classes (Kittens & Household Pet kittens), the kitten must be at least 4 calendar months and less than 8 calendar months of age in the photo.
    • For ADULT classes (Cats, Alters or Household Pets), the cat must be 8 calendar months or older in the photo.

What are the "FUN" Classes?

The Fun Classes are competition classes "just for fun" -- there's no breed standard involved, and entries are judged based on each judge's personal preference.
Click here for a list of fun classes for this show.

You can enter any cat/photo in any fun class, as long as the cat/photo meets the criteria for that class.

 Do I have to be a TICA member TO ENTER THE SHOW?

No, you do not need to be a TICA member (but we sure do recommend it).

DOES my cat have to be TICA registered to compete?

No, your cat doesn't need to be registered in TICA to compete. However, to compete in the "pedigreed" classes (the Standard classes, except Household Pets), your cat must be of a breed accepted by TICA, and should be registered in a TICA-recognized association.

My cat looks like a Maine Coon (Siamese, Ragdoll, etc). Where do I enter it?

If your cat looks like a recognized breed, but does not have a pedigree or papers to prove it is one, you would enter it in the Household Pet classes (or in the Fun classes).


On the entry form, you must specify how old your cat is in the photo(s) you provide.

  • The age that you enter should be the cat’s age in the photo(s) as best as you can approximate.
  • You should use only photos in which the cat is within the required age range for that class. For example, for the Kitten class (4-7 months), please do not use a photo taken when the cat was 8 months old.
  • For a standard class entry, you can provide up to three photos. The cat should be approximately the same age in all the photos you submit for that entry.

What kind of pictures do you need for my entry?

  • Submit up to 3 photos (body, head and profile) for a Standard Class entry.
  • Submit 1 picture only for any Fun Class entry.
  • All photos will be subject to review; Virtual Cat Show NW has absolute discretion to accept or reject any photo.

You'll upload your entry photos via the entry form; after you provide your entry details, the form will ask you to upload 1-3 photos. You'll have the opportunity to confirm/change your photos before submitting them, but it's a good idea to have your entry photos all picked out before you start the entry process.

Before starting the entry process, please read our Photo Requirements page for important information on photo size, format, and other requirements. This page also provides tips on how to choose (or take) a good photo.

Can I use a professional photo?

Yes, you can use photos taken by professional photographers. Please credit the photographer on the entry form when you upload the photo.

Can i post my entry photos on Facebook?

Please do not post your entry photos on any Facebook group or other social media.


Yes, you can enter the same cat in more than one class.

  • A separate entry fee is due for each entry, even if it's the same cat.
  • Please use different photos for each entry. (Don't upload the same photo for more than one entry/class.)
  • All photos must fit the class requirements re age and sex (altered/unaltered). For example, although you can enter the same cat in both the Cat (whole/unaltered) and Alter class (as two separate entries), you can't use the same photo for both classes. (In any given photo, the cat is either whole or altered -- not both). Likewise, you can't use the same photo to depict the cat at two different ages (e.g. kitten vs adult classes). 

WILL the TICA breed standardS apply?

Yes, for the Standard classes -- and to the extent that the judges can do so using only photos.

Can we ask our pet owners to enter?

Anyone can enter! PLEASE DO spread the word to your pet owners, friends and family. It would be especially nice to expose the virtual cat show to people who do not ordinarily show, so that we can spread the word and encourage growth in the cat fancy for the future.

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

Entries are $10 each for Standard Classes and $5 each for Fun Classes. You can pay via PayPal as part of the entry process. Payment is due at the time of entry submission.